Next Youtube Superstar: Daddys0_0little.

Hi, My name is Daddys0_0little

When did you start selling your panties?

About a month ago, I started to sell my used panties. How all this really came about was from my boyfriend. We were having a conversation around sexuality, and he brought to me that male sexuality was more than visual effects. It was an immersive experience from taste, smell, texture…

We eventually landed on the topic of used panties. We had some around the house that we quite often like to have fun with, but I never imagined being able to sell mine until he brought it up. Which lent to me on Pantydeal.

What makes you different from other sellers?

Once I started on, I saw what everyone offered, and I loved the amount of people that were catering to different kinks. What I tried to use to differentiate myself was personalizing things as much as I can, although I can’t personalize everything, I try my best to. 

One of the small things that I do is how I package and send out items to clients. I like to add a thank you note, and I try to package it nicely, so they don’t feel they are just buying this item off the internet and feeling like a sleazy exchange. I want to feel a connection with my customers, and I want them to know that I appreciate them.

Another thing that kind of sets me apart intentionally or not, is that I’m actually dating someone twice my age, which is around the age of most of my clients and customers.

When this comes up in conversations because it does, they seem kind of happy, and I think is because it gives them a sense of non-judgment. If I’m such an open person with them and having such an open relationship in such an age… they know the judgment I get, they know that I won’t give it out to them as well.

How has panty selling influenced your sexual life?

Most men my age that I have dated, never liked the idea of my working in any type of the adult industry, even as something as simple as selling panties.

When my boyfriend brought it up, I was kind os shock, to be honest. But at the same time, I was really happy that he was such a supportive person in this, and honestly, it has made a hugely positive effect on our sex lives. It’s such a turn-on for me to know that I will be satisfying someone just by used panties, that someone loves it that much. And honestly, it’s a huge confidence booster to me. 

My partner likes de idea of how open I am and the idea of just having more sex in general. 

Do you have any anecdotes you would like to share? 

A few weeks ago, I was skipping with a client, and things were going well, getting a little heated. Then my cat decided to run into the room and plop down in from of my camera, and just insistently “meow” for attention. It was so embarrassing, but also luckily, the client had a great sense of humor, and he enjoyed the cat. Thank goodness! 

Your piece of advice for the new sellers?

Just to take time to have a private hour or two, and just work on your profile every day, message back clients, upload photos, and talk to people.

I also recommend reaching out to different sellers, as there is such a great community, and I’ve made many friends here. 

They can help guide you and talk to you about what to do on how to approach things, and it has been such a help for me.