ImTrinShady, stay at home mum, ex-exotic dancer, and panty seller.

Hi, guys, it’s ImTrinshady. Or as my friends call me, just Trin. 

I’m here to talk to you about panty selling and how I came to do it. 

So right now I’m just a stay at home mum, I’m an ex-exotic dancer and sex industry worker extraordinaire. It just kind of felt natural for me I guess. I didn’t need to work but I am bored at home and I miss talking to people so it just kind of felt like a natural evolution, for me personally anyway.

When did you start to sell your panties?

I started to sell my panties just out of curiosity really, just to see if I could. And when I joined I immediately was just flushed with so much attention. It was exhilarating and addictive, and I have yet to stop.

What makes you different to other panty sellers?

So the thing that I feel makes me different from other panty sellers is my experience. I have done just about everything. I have stripped, I’ve competed in pole competitions, I rented my body out as a sushi platter, I worked in a swingers club. I have done everything. 

Honestly, I think the bottom line is I get a lot of enjoyment out of helping other people take the things that are usually taboo, and make them feel beautiful about it, make them feel comfortable, make them feel like whatever it is they’re interested in is exciting and fresh and it’s sexy, and that’s beautiful. 

I think that when humans do what makes them happy that makes them beautiful, and I like being a part of that, I like facilitating that. 

How has panty selling influenced your sex life?

Panty selling and my sex life! If you take a look at my profile I am actually in a very stable and very committed relationship. We have a really really deep seat of trust. And he takes videos for me. He helps me do pictures and posing and set up. 

I mean I have a lighting rig and a set up for all that but, everyone who has seen my profile also knows that he also stars in some of my work as well. So he’s really supportive and we just have all the fun. We’re kinky people, to begin with, and if we can have fun with other kinky people then all the more is welcome, really.

Any anecdote you want to tell us about your experience?

So this is all pretty wild for me. Like I said I started out exotic dancing. I’ve been selling panties and shoes for over 10 years now I mean it’s been a long time. I don’t know I just never thought about doing it on the internet. I’ve been retired for like 5 years from dancing and it just blows my mind. Before I just kind of had to hope to bump into an interesting person, or a sniffer, or someone with a fun fetish. 

And now with they just find me. It’s fun, it’s easy to connect, it’s anonymous if they want it to be. And if not then we can really get to know each other and that’s what I really like. I like to get to know my clients and have regulars and just be able to message and say “What’s up?”. Not because they need anything or I need anything, but because we’re friends.

What’s your advice for new sellers?

My biggest piece of advice for new sellers. The sexiest thing that you can do is be confident in yourself. And part of that is being confident in saying no. You can get a lot of requests. You can do a lot of crazy things or fun things or wild things or different things, but you need to feel comfortable in holding your boundaries and saying no, I’m not comfortable with that. 

Because if you do a video or take some pictures or do something with panties that you’re not comfortable with, no one’s going to enjoy that, including you. And no one wants to watch that. So make sure you feel comfortable and confident in respecting yourself and respecting your boundaries, and everyone’s going to have a fun and sexy time. 

That’s everything from me. ImTrinshady. Bye!