"I have succeeded selling my panties anonymously" - FitBlonde420 confessions.

Hey everyone. I’m Alexa, aka FitBlonde420. I’m a 31-year-old woman who thoroughly enjoys sharing her sexual & naughty side with others. A lot of people don’t know this, as in real life I’m pretty shy and quiet. But once you get to know me, I think you’ll agree I have a very fun and bubbly personality. I love meeting new people!

I’ve been selling my panties for almost 2 and a half years now. I plan to continue selling as long as my buyers want me around. (wink)

Pantydeal: Are your panty sales involved in your sexual life?

FitBlonde420: Yes! My sex life has greatly improved since I joined PD. My confidence definitely increased from selling both panties and videos. Feeling sexy about yourself is just as important as feeling sexy for others. I’ve learned my clients definitely recognize confidence in this business.

PD: Are you in a relationship? What does your partner think about your Pantydeal business?

FB: Yes, I am married. At first, my husband was a bit unsure about it, but over the years we have grown to enjoy the process together. He even takes my panty packages to the post office for me!


My sex life has greatly improved since I joined Pantydeal.

PD: How did you discover the panty fetish? Let us know how was your arrival to Pantydeal.

FB: I was browsing on Twitter one day and came across girls selling their panties and other content. I thought it sounded very exciting, so I made a new Twitter account just for selling panties. Luckily for me, my very first client informed me about Pantydeal. I joined the site back in August of 2016, and the rest is history! I’ve been on other panty selling sites, but PD is definitely the best selling platform out there.

PD: Tell us about your first impressions when you discovered the panty market.

FB: At first, I was a bit intimidated... But I quickly made some great acquaintances and learned that mostly everyone was friendly. It definitely took some time and effort to establish myself, but well worth it. I still have clients who I’ve known since the very beginning, as well as fellow sellers.

PD: Do you speak about your sales to your family or friends?

FB: Only my husband knows about my selling, and he fully supports what I do. My family isn’t as open as some people are, so I don’t share this side of me with them. As for friends, maybe someday.

One client wanted to see me wearing 5-6 panties at once


PD: Tell us your weirdest experiences as a seller.

FB: There have definitely been some stranger days than others on PD. I’ve had a couple experiences where the buyer purchases a pair of panties and then tells me he doesn’t want them delivered anymore and to keep the profits. I’ve also had requests to send unworn panties, which I have no problem doing of course. It’s all about pleasing the client.

PD: And when talking to the buyers?

I’ll continue selling my panties for a while. It helps me express my sexual side.


FB: Hmmm...I have had some pretty strange requests for custom videos. One client wanted to see me wearing 5-6 panties at once. Another one requested I wear the panties while showering. Of course, I fulfilled both requests, but definitely not something you get asked to do every day.


PD: We have heard some stories about relations becoming closer: the seller ends up being friend with the buyer or even acting as a casual “listener,” as many of them find a real connection with the seller. What is your experience about it?

FB: This can definitely be true. I have my degree in psychology, so sometimes I tend to be a bit more friendly & understanding than I should be in this business. I quickly learned, in the beginning, to keep things very business casual and focus on the sales. With this being said, I do consider some of my long-time clients to be friends, but they know and respect what I do. We have a mutual understanding of the business and don't allow feelings or friendship to get in the way of this.

I’ll continue selling my panties for a while. It helps me express my sexual side.

PD: How long do you think you will keep selling your panties?

FB: For as long as my clients want me around! I enjoy pleasing others. It pleases me that I can make others happy with my panties and content.

PD: There is any reason that would stop you from selling your panties?

FB: Unless my clientele completely disappears, I think I’ll continue selling my panties for a while. It helps me express my sexual side, which I believe is an important aspect of being happy & healthy.