Happy International Women’s Day!

Whether you’re protesting or partying this Sunday, make sure you’re celebrating your womanhood, embracing equality, and giving your female friends a hug (and a cocktail!). It’s our day, after all!

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What’s International Women’s Day all about?

The first IWD gathering was held in 1911. And March 8th became the official day for women’s rights and world peace at a United Nations IWD celebration in 1975. Today, more than 30 years later, women are still fighting for many of the same causes. 

IWD aims to celebrate women’s accomplishments, as well as take action against and raise awareness about gender inequality that still exists all over the world. On this day, women unite against sexism, discrimination, harassment, abuse, and that glass ceiling!

A recent study of people in over 75 countries found that 9 out of 10 people are biased against women. So, is the fight for women’s rights still necessary? Yes!


The official theme of IWD 2020 is #EachforEqual. This year, the focus of Women’s Day is on what each of us, as individuals, can do to support the cause. We have the opportunity to fight the patriarchy every day. Small acts, when done by many people, create big results!

An equal world is an enabled world. 

This year, the theme also draws attention to the fact that gender equality benefits everyone. Not just women! How can a community and economy thrive with half it’s workforce undervalued and unsupported? It can’t! If you find yourself in conversation with someone who is anti-equality, tell them this: if you care about the economy, you should care about equality.

As usual, the campaign is about encouraging and uniting women from all over the world and all walks and spheres of life, including politically, financially, and in the home. In 2020 the campaign aims specifically to: 

  • Support women in the tech industry
  • Applaud women athletes
  • Make workplaces more inclusive
  • Support women earning their own income
  • Empower women through health
  • Support women in creative industries.
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What’s happening around the world?

IWD is good for shopping!

But potentially bad for your bank account…

Many companies and retailers are supporting the female cause and allowing us to treat ourselves this Sunday. 

Net-A-Porter has collaborated with 20 female designers to create a limited-edition collection, the proceeds of which will go towards Women for Women, a charity helping female war victims in developing countries. Other IWD offers include brands like Gap, Cora, & Other Stories, and Pandora. 

New clothes and gender equality? Yes, please.

Protests (and parties).

As usual, protests will take place in major cities across the world this Sunday. But there are also events across the whole of March which aim to unite, educate and celebrate women. Concerts, breakfasts, sports, walks…. rest assured that whatever your interests, there’s an event for you. Check out the full IWD event list to find something in your local area. 

Apple is celebrating IWD with a month full of female-led talks and workshops in stores around the world and in the UK on Friday 6th March, 3 trains were run by all-female crews. Let’s smash those stereotypes!

What you can do to support the cause.

As we mentioned, this year IWD is all about the individual, small acts that can have big impacts. If you’re thinking to yourself: “I’m not in a position of power. I can’t change policies or help women across the world. I can’t make an impact!” - you’re wrong! Here are a few things you can do every day to spread the message of equality:

  • Speak up! Challenge gender discrimination whether you’re at home, in the workplace, or on the street. Your voice and courage have an impact.
  • Attend an IWD event. Even if you don’t want to involve yourself so much in events, just being present at a protest is a good way to show sisterly solidarity.
  • Support other women, whether it’s in the workplace or in your personal life. We need to help each other reach our goals, not compete. There’s plenty of good stuff to go around!
  • Talk to men about equality. We need all the allies we can get! Gender equality is not just about women, but men too. The more people who understand it, the better.
Happy young women with a speaker at a protest

Thank you to all the women and men on Pantydeal encouraging, celebrating, and respecting each other every day. 

Gender equality? We’ve got this.