Happy International Women's Day
Happy International Women's Day

Is the International women's day and a wonderful date to celebrate freedom and embrace all the meanings that this day has for women all around the world.

Many countries and communities celebrate this day with parties or protest for the rights that still has to be achieved.

International women's day was settled in 1975 by the United Nations to promote peace and Women's rights. What has happened since then?

Pantydeal celebrates Women's Day.

To celebrate this day we have created several stickers that you can send to the women from the Pantydeal community. Congrats other women and celebrate this wonderful day.

Activities along the world to celebrate Women's Day.

On the 8th of March many women will do different actions to protest or just express the importance that they have in society. Some things you can do:

  • ● Attend a protest. Inform yourself about the local protest in your city and join!
  • ● Wear something pink or purple. In the US pink is the color chosen for this movement. Purple is the one for many other countries in the world. Support your day!
  • ● Be kind to other women. We are all people, and we are not always agree with other, but what's better that help others and try not to criticize other women. If we want to fight, we have to do it together.
  • ● Speak to your partner. If you think you have more responsibilities at home that your partner, is an excellent day to have a talk about it. In the end, the house is from you both, right?
  • ● Speak with other women. Internet, fake news... There is a general misconception of the Women Day and feminism from many people that have not been able to be objective and contrast information. So try to explain to other women (and men!) why this day is so important.

Do we still need to fight?

When we see that some people don't understand what women do on Pantydeal, that they live their sexuality with freedom and being just themselves, the response is YES. Because we still need to fight to achieve that women can express their sexual desires as free as men do. Why you can not speak about masturbation without being judged?

Sexual women liberation is a work in progress, and many women are not capable of raising their voices and speak out loud and clear what they like or want. Still, women's sex has a misconception for many people and is not being seen as “proper” to speak about for a lady.

For this reason, all the women in the Pantydeal community play a key role for women around the world. Sexual fantasies, masturbation, BSDM... Are part of women's life, and we need to keep enjoying it and showing it to the world.

For this reason, we want to thank all the women from the Pantydeal community, to be so necessary for the sexual liberation of the women.

Happy women's day!