Erotic Fiction - Hamper Relief: How My Panty Obsession Began

A true story by JazzJ2

Young couple making love in bedroom

In my early twenties, I was one horny guy.

Not long after marrying Jane I realized I hadn’t changed much: I still needed regular… relief. I loved my wife dearly and couldn't get my full of her sweetness. In those days I could come twice a day, no problem. Whenever the situation presented itself (which was satisfyingly often) I could perform for her pleasure and my own.

In retrospect, our active sex life probably aided my staying power - something that, for me at least, could be a letdown. Jane never mentioned it, though, likely because I knew how to fulfill her needs.

We both had full-time jobs and, at the time, no children. As I usually left earlier in the morning I would get home a few hours ahead of her at night. Most evenings I would get dinner going so it would be ready when she walked through the door. Jane would come home and quickly change out of her office attire; dropping her clothes into the laundry bin and hopping in the shower, while I set dinner on the table.

My lovely wife… she was a looker!

More than that, she was 5'1" 100lbs of dark-haired, brown-eyed sexiness! Jane had a shapely figure: a stunning ass, perky, small, yet firm breasts, and delightfully beautiful legs and feet. Jane was a clean freak. She didn't like odors, particularly odors coming from her body. Hey - I appreciated that. I didn't care much for bad smells in general either. We would both keep our bodies clean and teeth brushed, especially when we knew we were going to be intimate - which was pretty much every day back in our early years.

However… and I do mean however, I loved her feminine scent. A lot. As a matter of fact, I had several, let’s say, special interests when it came to Jane. I had a certain thing for what she wore. After tying the knot, she became aware of a few of my sexual fetishes. I say a few because, as will shortly be revealed, I had some fetishes that even I was not yet aware of.

Jane worked in a professional office environment. One that required her to wear conservative dresses and skirts, and classically styled blouses. Pantyhose was in vogue back in the early 1980s, but I had a thing for stockings, garter belts, and girdles. I still do.

Jane met these needs of mine with pleasure. I also loved - no, adored - her semi-sheer vanity fair full cut nylon briefs! She wore these over her gartered stockings for easy removal - a requirement for her many bathroom trips. It was also convenient when in the throes of passionate sex; I could remove few things faster than I could Jane’s briefs.

Woman legs lying back

One summer Friday evening, I had bought take-out and kept it in the oven so it could be reheated when she arrived. Playing out of my stereo in the living room was some Miles Davis jazz, Sketches of Spain.

My mind drifted to what we would do after dinner. I knew I wanted her. Bad. I’d thought of her all afternoon. I better get in the shower now, I reasoned to myself. She’ll be home soon and I don't want her to run out of hot water. Several minutes later, after drying off, I threw on a clean pair of boxers and could hear the phone ringing on the kitchen wall.


“Jerry, it's me, dear.”

“Hey, baby. Where are you?”

“I'm calling to let you know I'm running late, darling. I have to pick my sister up at her place so she can pick up her car from the repair shop. Her husband had to work late and I was the only one who could get her there.”

“I understand. She lives quite a ways from us, honey, I got dinner on hold.”

“You can go ahead and eat Jerry.”

“No, I'll wait for you baby.”

“I'll be two hours max.”

“OK love, bye.”

I loved my girl so much. She was the type who would do anything for anyone who was in need. I was glad she could help her older sister! They were a family that pitched in when in need. Good inlaws, in my opinion.

I headed back to the bedroom to finish putting on my t-shirt. I'll forgo pants, I thought, it's my house! I walked back to the living room to flip the LP and spied the washer and dryer doors sliding open. Beside the dryer was our hamper. Catching my eye was a pair of Jane's panties. Hmm, I thought, as my hand reached for the pair sitting on top of yesterday's outfit.

I rummaged through. Bra, skirt, blouse, panties… several pairs, as far as I could see. A week's worth, at least! Jane did do her washing on Saturdays, I reasoned to myself.

The panties were so soft in my hand.

Wasn’t she supposed to be here already? In two hours, maybe? I brought the pair to my nose, not knowing what to expect. Hmm! This smells good. I inhaled her scent. My cock stirred. I rubbed the sheer fabric against my face, sniffing, taking in all her feminine goodness. Oh man, this is fantastic, I thought as I inhaled her further, totally consumed.

Woman white panties disheveled

I grabbed a few more pairs and took them with me to the bedroom. I laid back on our bed, pillow under my head, and freed my now hard cock. I sampled each one slowly, sniffing every part of them, my right hand pleasuring my stiff penis with increasing intensity. Ohh! I exclaimed with every deep inhale.

This is nice. More than nice.

I settled on the white pair - the pair that were on her body only last night. With trembling hands, I turned the crotch inside out and placed my mouth where the cotton would have been in contact all day with her fragrant, sweet pussy.

I was in sensory heaven. I took the baby blue pair in my wanking hand, and wrapped the silky nylon where her buttocks would have been around the head and shaft of my throbbing cock. My mind was now visualizing my gorgeous wife wearing these delicate panties as she would be in her office... standing... bending over... revealing her spectacular ass!

My hand pumped away, the pre-cum soaking the nylon panty.

I was now breathing hard as I took in as much of her scent as I could. I began slowly licking the still moist discharge from the gusset, tasting her. I could feel myself getting ready to come.

Ohh! I moaned, huffing away.

Now fully licking along the crotch, lapping in all of her flavor, I couldn't hold back any longer. As the sweet pressure mounted, I stuffed the panty crotch into my mouth and shot a full load right into her baby blues!

I was still trembling from the excitement when, a few moments later, I managed to pull myself up. I quickly wiped myself off in the shower and put the newly moistened panties, now full of my flavour as well as her own, back in the hamper.

I better reheat the Chinese food! The takeaway I'd carefully put in the cold oven for safekeeping. Jane will be here shortly, I knew. I turned it on and headed to the living room to flip the Miles Davis record. About halfway through the front door opened, and in walked my love.

“Hi honey,” she said cheerfully. I rose to meet her and we embraced, kissed.

“Mmm girrl! I'm sure glad to see you,” I beamed.

“It's the weekend for us, lover!” she gushed.

“I can't wait to make love to you, Jane,” I said.

“We will take our time enjoying each other this weekend,” she responded, excited.

“But first, I've got a treat for you!” I announced.

“What's that?” She wondered aloud.

“Chinese! You smell it? Sesame chicken, your favorite,” I said as I went into the kitchen, her following at my heels.

“Oh Jerry! I love it,” she exulted.

Romantic dinner wine glasses and fire

I pulled our meal out of the oven and onto the counter as she turned around, reached up for two plates, and turned back to face me. I couldn’t resist. I reached forward and pulled her towards me. As my mouth found hers my arms wound downwards and I grabbed her luscious ass cheeks in both my hands. Our tongues swirled together as we kissed. Mmmm!

“I love you, baby,” she exclaimed.

“I love you, Jane.” I reciprocated breathlessly. “We better eat first,” I said, pretending to be disappointed.

“I'm starving,” she responded.

After savoring our meal and washing up the few dishes we used, Jane turned to me,

“I'll head to the shower to wash up, and put something on you like, dear!”

I took her by the hand and led her quickly to the bedroom.

“I should shower, Jerry. I smell down there after a long day,” she insisted.

“It's alright,” I protested, quietly. “Besides, I've showered. You are fine, my love.”

I pulled her to me and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor easily. She deftly stepped out of it, still wearing her heels. Visible to me was her lovely form; her every curve highlighted by her white nylon slip. As my hands roamed over her sexy form I could feel her garter clips and stocking tops through the thin fabric. My cock, already hard, twitched with anticipation, knowing the pleasure that was coming.

“I want to taste you and be inside of you baby,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh Jerry, I want you too,” she replied.

We embraced, kissed and fell back onto the bed, our bodies one; my face buried in her delicate neck, kissing, inhaling every piece of her delicious scent. Jane smelled of Woman. Woman, and Chanel No 5.

She was intoxicating.

I lifted her slip over her head as we moved our entwined bodies across the bed, opening the clasp of her bra and freeing her breasts for my hands and mouth to caress.

I sucked on her perfect nipples, giving each equal time. They glistened with saliva. I slowly directed my kisses downward, towards her belly and navel, while tracing circles round her nipples with my free hand. I glided my nose and lips down past the top of her panties and to her groin. My free hand pushed her thigh further open. Instinctively, Jane spread her thighs still further, giving me full access to her wetness. I bowed my head and gently, firmly, kissed her lips through the sheer nylon fabric of her panties.

“Ohh!” she sighed.

I placed my nose against her crotch and breathed in deeply. It was sharp, somewhat. I continued inhaling - her feminine scent was intoxicating. My cock throbbed harder as I remembered what I had done earlier.

“Lick me! Jerry, lick me!” she pleaded.

Blurry naked couple standing by window

Jane loved it when I went down on her. Hey, I loved it. I could never get enough of my woman. As I licked and kissed her vulva through the fabric of her panties she slid a hand down to help me. With two fingers she pulled the fabric aside, granting me full access to her warm center.

As she held the pantie, I finally licked her fully. My left hand switched with my right as I moved to the other needy nipple, while my eager tongue tasted her clit with gentle, then firmer, strokes. My left hand enjoyed feeling her stocking clad calves and thighs.

“Oh, baby!” she cried. “It feels so, so good baby,” she stammered.

“You like?” I asked rhetorically, as I looked up at her but kept my tongue moving furiously.

Her face was flushed with excitement; her hips moving rhythmically.

“Uhh!” she moaned.

My hands swapped again as I sucked on her rosebud. I slipped my middle right finger inside her dripping pussy, moving in and out, curling up towards her G spot. Jane moved her hips even faster, moaned and whimpered even louder.

“I-I'm cccoming!”

Her back arched upwards, and her belly began to contract and spasm uncontrollably.

“Oh!” she cried loudly.

I could feel her pussy contracting as I continued thrusting my finger inside her. Her eyes rolled back, and her body shook for several seconds. I took my mouth away from her glistening sex and moved up to lay beside her, kissing her neck and cheeks, whispering my love for her.

“Oh Jerry, that is the best thing in life!” She exclaimed.

“What?” I asked.

“An orgasm from you, love! Silly,” she replies.

I laughed, and she laughed with me. I looked down at my still stiff cock and her eyes saw it too.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed. “What are we gonna do with that?” She continued, gigging.

“I know exactly what I want to do with that.” I replied.

“And...?” She eyed me for my answer.

“I'm going to put my cock right into your sweet pussy, girl!”

And with that I rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply, exploring her warm mouth with my own.

“I can taste myself on your tongue,” she said. “It is stronger than usual, love.”

“I like it,” I replied, my tongue exploring her mouth even deeper.

She lifted her legs apart, giving me full access to her still trembling center. My cock, now dripping clear pre-cum, was more than ready to be consumed by her. I placed the head right at the entrance of her still wet pussy, parting her labia. Holding my cock steady in my right hand, I slowly moved it up and down against her lips and tantalising close to her sex. After savoring this sensation as long as I could, I slowly entered her with the tip of my cock, teasing it in circles around the entrance of her pussy.

Couple making love in bed intimate

Repositioning myself so both hands were around her shoulders and my body above hers, our mouths locked and our tongues found each other with ardor. Finally, I thrust my stiff rod deep inside her.

“Ohh!” she gasped.

“Ahhh!” I moaned.

We freed our lips from each other, desperate for oxygen. We stared into each other's eyes as our bodies found their rhythm. Like a piston, I began driving myself in and out of her warm, delicious, tight pussy. Jane wrapped both tighter legs around me as I continued plunging, her calves pulling me deeper into her delights.

“Ohh! Baby!” I moaned. “You feel amazing! Oh! Jane! Give me all of your pussy girl!” I cried, getting louder with each thrust.

“It's all yours, love!” she replied, almost gasped.

We kept going; in and out, in and out; closer to climax with each thrust.

“I-I'm close!” I gasped.

My mind and body were enveloped in ecstasy; waves of pleasure coursed through me. I could feel the pressure mounting in my loins. It felt so... good. I couldn't hold out much longer.

“I-I'm coming!!”

I groaned from deep within as my cock stopped deep inside my woman: spasming, contracting, coming, releasing my seed deep into her body. We lay, frozen, locked as one. My now empty manhood softened inside her. I rolled gently off and lay next to her on the bed.

“I love you, Jane,” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too, Jerry,” she replied softly.

We held and kissed each as the waves of pleasure left our exhausted bodies.

“Let's shower before bed,” Jane said.

“Sounds good, we’re both covered in sticky sweat!” I replied.

We jumped in together, applying soap to each other’s bodies before rinsing off. After towel drying and putting on fresh underwear, we changed our bedsheets, and were done. Or so I thought.

“Look at this mess, all this dirty laundry!” Jane exclaimed, scooping it up in her arms. “I'm going to run a load now. I don't have any clean underwear left!”

At that, I remembered what I had done earlier.

I quickly took the laundry out of her hands and said “I'll run a load for you!”

“You? Run the washer?” She laughed, an amused look on her face.

“Hey,” I said assuredly, “You worked hard today, picking up your sister and all, I got this one…”

Wooden laundry basket