Christmas Contest Story - Interview with the winner!

Pantydeal is always on the search for great sellers, this is why this time we want to give voice to the Christmas contest winner, Miss Ocean. In just 6 weeks on Pantydeal this seller has reached the top of the lists and won a contest.

This unstoppable seller started her fetishes some years ago but recently jumped into the panty fetish. Let's meet her.

My name is Miss Ocean, Strong headed and very particular. I pay attention to detail in everything I do! Open-minded and incredibly funny!

PantyDeal: How did you arrive in the panty fetish?

Miss Ocean: It actually happened by accident, someone on eBay asked me to take pictures of my feet from advertising a pair of my shoes, so I thought I'd look more into it and I have been having a great time ever since! There's never a dull moment on Pantydeal.

Miss Ocean

PD:Do you use the excitement of the panty selling in your sexual fantasies or you just do it for fun?

MO: For me, it's mainly for fun, but it's such a turn on for me listening to everyone else's fantasies! If I can fulfill them for just one person, then that makes me a very happy lady. Everyone dreams of their fantasies becoming a reality, right?

I always start my day with my panty wearing with a cardio gym session

PD: How is the daily routine of a panty seller?

MO:Depending on the orders I have taken, I always start with my panty wearing with a cardio gym session! A healthy body and mind keep me very refreshed sexually active. I just let the juices flowing!!

Miss Ocean

PD: Do you have other fetishes?

MO: I love role play! Something about playing being someone else and getting creative with another person is very sexy! Escaping from the stress of normal everyday life just for 20 minutes is such great fun. I think most people would want to act out their alter ego.

PD: What would you say to someone that doesn't understand the panty fetish?

MO: That it's ok not to get it. Everyone is different with all sorts of hidden desires or interests. If we all had the same ones, then you lose the excitement, and it becomes normal... But then please don't judge people for something you don't understand.

My best friends know that I sell my panties

PD: Do you introduce the panty fetish in your sexual games with your sex partner(s)?

MO: No, I actually really like to keep it all separate. I love being open with the fetishes, but I appreciate being private when I'm intimate with my partner. Keeping something just for us is nice.

PD: How open are you with your panty fetish? Do you tell your relatives/friends about your practice?

MO: My best friends are aware of what I do and are very supportive. I'm sure some judge me secretly, but they respect that I enjoy it and take me as I am.

PD: What has been your funniest story with the panty buyers?

MO: There's so many! In general, I do love getting requests for pictures that have been seriously thought out. Once I had to dress up as Rudolph, but with a onesie, it was so much fun to do!

Miss Ocean

PD: Do you have “special” customers?

MO: Yes, I do have 3 or 4 that I'm close with mainly because of how respectful they are and polite. I'm a big fan of manners. I have all the time in the world for customers like that.

Determination is the key to success

PD: We can see that you are not very long on PD, but that you are reaching the podiums. What is your trick to success?

MO: Determination. I never give up on anything that I put the effort in. I've always said: "If you are going to do something, do it properly!!". I do have quite a business head to be successful. So think outside the box, stand out, be creative but be clever!! And again... attention to details.

Miss Ocean

PD: What do you advise to the new sellers to achieve where you are?

MO: Be confident! You'll get back what you put into it and know your worth!