A Day in the Life of a Used Panty Seller!

Being a Panty seller, you need to worry every day about your customers. As any other business requests dedication and hard work. But how hard it became when you wake up at 10 in the morning?! No kidding! Our seller Miss_lillyxxx can say that she did the Pantydeal dream! Living off her fetishes, enjoying her sexuality to the fullest.

Every day is a fun day in her life. From making a clip sucking a lollipop to doing a photo session, but also cooking some brownies to be sent with a panty! She tries to fulfill all of her buyers' desires...!

Miss_Lillyxxx has been selling her panties for over 2 years in the Pantydeal community, so we can say that she is an official panty seller. When life gives you the opportunity to live from your dream, why not to do it? Like many other sellers, she started only with panties, but with the time she opened her market to a whole range of products: pictures and videos, socks, Femdom sessions... This has let her diversify her offer and reach more customers.

If you want to know more about a typical day in her life, check the following video!

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  • - You are not shy! So we need you to show your face on the videos.
  • - You are comfortable speaking in front of the camera.
  • - You have a good phone or camera to record your videos.

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