I Sell My Used Underwear Online

I Sell My Used Underwear Online How I make some extra money selling panties.

Before I started selling panties online I used to really struggle to make enough to pay the rent and study for my double major in Marketing and Commercial Law. My two part-time jobs, one as a waitress and the other working in a department store on the weekends meant I barely had enough time to sleep let alone have any sort of personal life. If only I'd known sooner how easy it is to earn some extra money by selling used panties.


Something has to change

I knew something had to change when I walked in on my room mate straddling my boyfriend on the couch. She had one of those skimpy little tank-tops with no bra underneath and I could see how turned on he was even though he moved pretty quick to push her off. We had a massive row and he said he didn't know why I even cared since I clearly didn't fancy him anymore. That's when I realized we hardly ever had sex, and when we did I was just going through the motions, too tired to really enjoy it.


Looking for easiest way to make more money

I started looking around for something I could do to earn some extra money and give me more time for the important things in life. I did some research on the internet and found out you can earn money if you sell undies on a site called pantydeal. Although sniffing panties started as a trend for school-girl panties in Japan a lot of perfectly normal guys are into it and they pay good money to buy used underwear. I sell my used panties online and sometimes earn $450 per month for doing almost nothing at all.


My panty-loving customers

The customers I deal with are just regular guys and they are always really nice. Signing up to pantydeal was super easy and none of the buyers know who I am, pantydeal takes care of everything, all I have to do is drop my used panties into a zip lock plastic bag and post them away. I wasn't sure what my boyfriend was going to say when I told him I wanted to earn money selling underwear but he has been really supportive. Straight away he said he thought it was kind of sexy and even admitted that he likes to sniff panties himself.


We now run a used panty selling business on there

He's helped me put together an online profile on pantydeal even taking some raunchy but discreet photos of me to post which really improved business. He seems to get a real kick out of the idea of other guys getting off on my panties and is always happy to help with the manufacturing process or do some quality control. Although we laugh about it selling used panties has actually made us both a lot more adventurous in the sack and willing to experiment with other things we would have been too embarrassed to even talk about before. We have a lot of fun with it. As for the room mate? Well since I started to earn money selling underwear I've been able to get a place by myself so now I can be sure the only straddling anyone's doing on my couch is with me.

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