Sex Bizarre Part 1

Sex Bizarre Part 1 Interesting facts about pseudonecrophilia, erotic vomiting and autopederastie.

Especially in the area of sex ad erotism particularly unusual practices are found, which can be described justifiably as bizarre. One of them is, for example Pseudonecrophilia. Unlike acts with people who are actually dead (necrophilia), pseudonecrophiles act as if one of the partners was dead, while the other one starts to “abuse” him. To make the expereince even more authentic, the “pseudo-dead” partner can submerge into cold water for a few minutes before the act.
The so-called Erotic Vomiting, or Emetophilia might seem quite bizarre to many people too. In the U.S., Dr. Robert J. Stoller, a renowned sexologist and psychiatrist reported three cases in which women were sexually stimulated by throwing up. Two of the ladies experienced real orgasms while one oft hem spoke of an intense well-being caused by vomiting. Bizarre? Maybe. But really new? No. To become aroused by being vomited upon is known as “Roman-showers”.
Not less bizarre, but acrobatic more challenging is the so-called Autopederastie. It is the anatomically impossible sexual practice of sticking one’s own fully-erect penis in one’s own rectum. In the porno-flic called “Go Fuck Yourself” that is devoted to the act of autopederastie, this challenge is succesfully mastered. The protagonist even instructs people on how to do it.

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