Interview with SallySparrow

Interview with SallySparrow Interview with SallySparrow

1) What would you call your job yourself? Landry offerer? Panty saleswoman? Businesslady dealing with worn panties? Is there a term you're personally particularly fond of?
Well first and foremost, I'm a cam girl! I just love to sell panties on the side :) Or any fetish clothing, really. But generally I'm in front of the camera.

2) For how long have you been working in this field? How did you find out about it in the first place? Tell me a little about your personal story and how you came to selling panties.
I started out as a web cam model in February of 2013. When I got into the industry, I fell in love with it. I wanted to explore other outlets of sex work/expression. I stumbled across pantydeal and was hooked!

3) Do you consider the job your main source of income or a sideline? What did you work as before you came to it? What other jobs and sources of income do you currently have?
This is a big part of my main paycheck. Working as a webcam model is my full time job, and this supplements my income :)

4) What criteria does a customer need to fulfill for you to consider him good?
Generally I believe all customers are good! but I guess it's nice if they are polite, patient, and fast with payment so I can get them their product asap!

5) Tell me something about your average customer. What walks of life does he come from, how old is he, is he single or in a relationship? How can we imagine him?
My average customer is usually younger, around my age. Single! Perhaps in college. Just looking for some fun!

6) Tell me about your weirdest experience so far selling panties.
I try not to look at anything as 'weird', we all have our fetishes and it's a normal thing. But I guess if I were to say an experience that was not something I am into... Someone once asked me if I could lactate for them. haha. Which obviously I cannot do.

7) What about the people close to you, do they know about your job? If yes, what do they think of it and how did they react when they first found out? How did they actually find out about what you're doing?
Only a very small group of people know what I do. Sex work isn't very widely accepted, ha. Most of the people who know are comfortable with it. Others are just close-minded and ignorant. There is nothing wrong with sex; I am comfortable with my body and sexuality, and if I can use those in my career, then why the hell not?! ha.

8) Did you ever fall in love with a customer or even find one of them attractive? Did any of them ever fall in love with you or show interest in you as a person?
Oh yes. I once met a guy in person and we spent the weekend together. We are still very close, and plan on seeing each other again soon.

9) What's the biggest misconception about selling panties? What's the worst prejudice?
I guess the biggest misconception is that selling panties is gross. It is a totally normal thing to get turned on about! The worst prejudice I think is that we ladies are 'slutty' or 'gross'.

10) How important is staying anonymous to you? How serious do you take this aspect of your job?
staying anonymous isn't horribly important. I have a twitter and a tumblr, I always show my face. I think guys are more comfortable with a girl they know is real.

11) Imagine a good friend of yours was considering selling her worn panties, too. Would you encourage her to do so, or would you rather not see her give it a try? If so, why not? Or why would you want her to tread in your footsteps?
I have already turned on several friends to this kind of work! the more the merrier! :)

12) What tips would you give a lady who barely just began selling her worn panties?
Be friendly! offer deals and specials. Give the guys what they want ;)

13) What do you enjoy most about selling worn panties, what makes fun to you and what has kept you doing the job until today?
I love doing it because it's an excuse for me to masturbate, haha. And I love knowing that people watch me, so I make a video for every panty buyer.

14) What don't you enjoy so much about the business? What are the downsides in your opinion?
making your own schedule and sticking to it can be so tough! you have to have good self control.

15) So what about your free time? What are your hobbies, what are you passionate about? What do you spend your time with when you're not online selling panties?
I like to watch Doctor Who, play table top games and WoW, take and edit photos, drink beer, and eat pizza!

16) What are your goals and wishes for the future, where do you see yourself in the long run?
I want to be a serious full-time professional cam girl! sex work is so much fun and I want to be involved in it as long as I can.

17) Is there anything you've always wanted to be asked? Any questions that really need to be asked but that I forgot so far?
I think you've covered everything :)

18) And what's the answer to these very important final questions? Any last words for us, anything important we didn't touch on so far?
the only thing I have to say is, guys: be respectful! We have a lot going on on our end with panty orders, custom photos and videos, so be patient and know that we will get to you in time :)


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