Interview with Little C.S.I. Girl

Interview with Little C.S.I. Girl Interview with Little C.S.I. Girl

1)  What would you call your job yourself? Landry offerer? Panty saleswoman? Businesslady dealing with worn panties? Is there a term you're personally particularly fond of?

I like to call myself a Panty Pimper, cuz I pimp that shit!  

2)  For how long have you been working in this field? How did you find out about it in the first place? Tell me a little about your personal story and how you came to selling panties.


I’ve been here since February 2013, lovin every moment of it. I actually came about selling panties after seeing it on an episode of Law & Order SVU haha awesome right?!   3) Do you consider the job your main source of income or a sideline? What did you work as before you came to it? What other jobs and sources of income do you currently have?


NO definitely not my main source of income but it has helped me a great deal. I am currently a 2 nd year Crime Scene Investigator and I also work in the crime lab as an Evidence Analyst (Criminologist). I am also still in college pursuing my masters degree in Forensic Science. Yeah I’m busy!

4) What criteria does a customer need to fulfill for you to consider him good?


Basically treat me with the respect I deserve, I love a guy that makes me laugh and someone who doesn’t harp on me every day like I’m his hoe and he’s my pimp…Doesn’t work like that! We all have normal lives to live also!

5) Tell me something about your average customer. What walks of life does he come from, how old is he, is he single or in a relationship? How can we imagine him?


They come from all walks of life, younger and older, I love em all!! Some are married some are single, I don’t judge!

6) Tell me about your weirdest experience so far selling panties.


Getting an infection from stuffing so many panties in my snatch! LMFAO just joking hasn’t happened yet but I sometimes think it might!

7) What about the people close to you, do they know about your job? If yes, what do they think of it and how did they react when they first found out? How did they actually find out about what you're doing?


NO one but my husband knows and after watching that episode of Law & Order SVU it was his idea! He supports me 100%  

8) Did you ever fall in love with a customer or even find one of them attractive? Did any of them ever fall in love with you or show interest in you as a person?


There are a few who I have very awesome relationships with and talk to them daily on the phone etc.  

9) What's the biggest misconception about selling panties? What's the worst prejudice?


That we are porno whore stripper losers who have no respect for ourselves, we do!  

10) How important is staying anonymous to you? How serious do you take this aspect of your job? I don’t stay hidden, would you buy from a Buttaface? LMAO I think everyone should be able to see the face of who they’re buying from.. If you don’t like me, eff off ! To each their own lol

11) Imagine a good friend of yours was considering selling her worn panties, too. Would you encourage her to do so, or would you rather not see her give it a try? If so, why not? Or why would you want her to tread in your footsteps?


Yep, I tried getting my hot ass neighbor to sell hers when she was in a rut, she didn’t listen and lost her house and had to move back with her parents…..damn I miss her!

12) What tips would you give a lady who barely just began selling her worn panties?



13) What do you enjoy most about selling worn panties, what makes fun to you and what has kept you doing the job until today?


I love the fetish aspect, I enjoy my panties traveling into someone else’s hands, I love someone masturbating to me, I enjoy making them personally for someone. It has boosted my self esteem in such a positive way, so much I don’t want breast implants anymore! I have embraced myself so much thanks to a lot of nice men and women here on PD.

14) What don't you enjoy so much about the business? What are the downsides in your opinion?


Scammers, fakes, men who treat me like shit, time wasters, and most of all…women I thought were friends to me and turn around and stuff a machete right in my spine!

15) So what about your free time? What are your hobbies, what are you passionate about? What do you spend your time with when you're not online selling panties?


I Love my job, my kids, my cats, and I love Paranormal Investigating. I have been doing it since I was 11 and I have traveled all across the United States to many abandoned hospitals, asylums, houses etc and have got so much evidence that the afterlife does exist. I’m a very spiritual person.

16) What are your goals and wishes for the future, where do you see yourself in the long run?


Just being an awesome C.S.I. maybe one day a Forensic Anthropologist, I hope to stay alive long enough to be a Grandma.

17) Is there anything you've always wanted to be asked? Any questions that really need to be asked but that I forgot so far? No, not really.  

18) And what's the answer to these very important final questions? Any last words for us, anything important we didn't touch on so far?


Nah, just stay golden pony boy! Thank you for the interview. You can find her Profile here.

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