Foot Fetish Trend

Foot Fetish Trend Foot Fetish Trend

People get sexually excited by a number of different things. Some people like the site of naked breast, others like a nice butt. Lately more and more people are getting excited by feet. Foot fetishes are becoming so common that even many celebrities admit to loving the foot. Jack Black, Brooke Burke, Marilyn Mason , Tommy Lee, and even the king himself Elvis all have a thing for feet.
There are different types of foot fetishes and some people may be turned on by one form or by anything involving the feet. All some people need to get off is to look at a bare foot. It they get to play with it by licking or sucking it that is even better. Sometimes the foot can be used to touch the private areas. Other people like to look at a covered foot so they can use their imagination about what is under the sock. There are people who like the way a foot looks in a in a certain type of shoe. Heels have been know to make men hot for years. There are different features of the foot that a turn a person on. Some people like long toes with other like high arches. Some like slender feet while the wider foot turns some people on. There are different types of manicures and toe nail polish colors that can attract attention to the feet and the attention of something with a foot fetish. Foot fetish porn has been around and viewed for over thirty years.
There are plenty of places a person can satisfy their sexual appetite for feet. In the spring and summer sandals are popular showing off the toes. A beach and other places a person can walk around without shoes is a good gazing ground for people with a thing for feet. Online there are many different videos focusing on foot fetishes. Some of these videos show sexy pictures of feet in high heels. Other online foot fetish sites show feet involved in sexual acts with both men and women. Online chartrooms dedicated to the needs of a person with a foot fetish do not have a shortage of visitors and people will to talk dirty about feet.
People with foot fetishes express their needs in different ways. Some people will ask their partner is they can run their feet or play with them. Others will want to suck toes and rub on the feet. A person with an intense foot fetish can enjoy intimate relations with feet. They enjoy the foot rubbing them and putting toes in naughty places. Having relations with a foot is considered to be a safe sex alternative. There is little chance a person can contract something and a woman cannot get pregnant from contact with feet. When being intimate with somebody with a foot fetish try to have some patience with them and their fascination of feet. Also remember to keep the foot smelling fresh and clean at all times especially after being on them all day.

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