How to Successfully Sell Panties? Expert Advice From Pantydeal Sellers

Every week we ask a different Pantydeal user: What’s your secret to success as a panty seller?

There’s no magic formula when it comes to how to successfully sell panties. But some tips can help tackle the difficulties of running your own online business, advertising items, talking with buyers, making the most of the community and looking after your wellbeing along the way.

Here’s advice from experienced Pantydeal sellers that you don’t want to miss.

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Making my profile a judgment-free zone has really helped me and my business a lot. I grew up being taught not to judge anyone because we all come from different backgrounds. I've instilled that in my practices. I enjoy learning about others' kinks and where they originated from. I'm open to just about anything, and if I'm not, I'll let you know without knocking you down for asking!! Kindness goes a long way in this world. I take the time to listen and work with you.

“First and foremost is communication. That is key!”


Be yourself! Have fun with it as well! But first and foremost for myself is communication. I honestly feel that is KEY! I do run my own business besides Pantydeal, and there have been times when I was unavailable. I always will make a point to make sure I let my clients know right away if I can attend to them or not. They appreciate that tremendously! I'm also not a pushy seller and don't mind getting to know a buyer a little bit as well!

“It’s very important to know who you are and what you’re willing to do.”


My secret to success is honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations, but more importantly, meeting and exceeding your expectations of yourself. As well as being strong in yo

ur convictions, without having your hard limits/things, you won’t do, you start questioning your self-worth and who you are as a person. So it’s very important to know who you are and what you’re willing to do.

“Be cool with other sellers, and try to give buyers more than what they were expecting!”


I mean…there are lots of things I’ve learned in my time on Pantydeal. But definitely, being authentic and real is very important… if you aren’t, you will give yourself away quickly. Also, only do the things you are comfortable with doing. It will come through in pics and videos if you are really enjoying it. Another big thing is you have to be respectful of the fact that someone is spending hard-earned money and be cognizant of that. Make sure you put in as much time and effort as you possibly can.

I feel that it’s extremely important to underpromise and overdeliver! Try to give them more than what they were expecting. It will be super appreciated and will go a long way in developing and growing people who do return. Who give good reviews and who actually care and treat you with kindness and respect. Lastly…be cool with other sellers. I promise they will be nice back, and most are totally willing to help new sellers (me included), I had a few sellers kinda help me in the beginning when I was lost. Lol, they are awesome, and I still talk to them consistently! There was someone specifically who helped me realize what a shop needed to look like and what ads should look like. Those are both things I take a ton of pride in now, and I put lots of effort into making my shop and my ads as good as I can! I appreciate all the help I’ve had along the way and the friends I’ve made!

“If you’re persistent, you will get what you want. If you’re consistent, you will keep it.”


I don't believe there is a secret to success. It doesn't matter what path you decide to take in this life, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard. Nothing comes easy, in any aspect, and panty selling is the same. To new sellers who want some tips and tricks on what you need to do. Here are a couple I will tell you on repeat. Be persistent. If you're persistent, you will get what you want, if you're consistent, you will keep it. This doesn't mean to say you need to dedicate 24 hours to your store, but when you are online, use your time wisely. Share your post, and update new posts and ads. Do your profile views, take bookings using a calendar, and create content consistently. Keep it fresh, keep it kinky but most of all, respect other people's boundaries and stick to your own.

“Cultivate a brand that represents you, your vibe, your aesthetic.”


I found so far that it’s important to attempt to convey who you are through your online persona. It’s about displaying who you are by cultivating a brand that represents you and your vibe, your aesthetic. This helps the buyer as well because as a seller you’re creating an experience for them. This is important because when we understand the kink, we know that it’s about the essence of total fantasy.

“Just be genuine, kind, and accepting. Everyone uses this to escape from daily life.”


Just be genuine, kind, and accepting. Everyone that is in this community uses this platform to relax, unwind, and escape from their day-to-day life. Those three things are important. The reason clients choose a site like this, over a free porn platform is for the extra connection and personal touches.

“As my profile stated, I'm freakishly organized!”


As my profile states, I'm freakishly organized! Anyone who has bought my drive can attest to that. Every single piece of content is in its respective folder and named appropriately. And on any given day, I have a system in place so that I know exactly what panties to wear, how long to wear them for, and any other details I need to know about that particular day's order. Organization is KEY! And second to being well organized is communication with the buyer. I make sure to ask all the right questions so that each and every buyer gets exactly what they pay for. Buyers work hard for their money, so I do my damndest to make sure they always get what they want and exactly what they pay for!

The way to manage a panty business will be unique to you, but it’s crucial to bear these tips in mind when considering how to successfully sell panties and make your store the best it can be. So don’t forget to be yourself, don’t judge, set clear boundaries, avoid pushiness, have good relationships with other sellers, be persistent, regular and organized, providing an excellent product by paying attention to details, and, last but not least, enjoy what you do!

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