6 Tips for Unforgettable Outdoor Sex

Summer is here, and with the sun and sweat and holidays and parties, it’s tempting to throw off your bikini bottoms, have sex outside, and lose yourself to the moment.

Whether you’re on the beach, in the park, or in your back garden, there are loads of great places to have sex in the great outdoors.

What’s so great about outdoor sex? The excitement, freedom, novelty, danger of getting caught, the view… Having sex outside isn’t just for exhibitionists. Anyone looking to add a new element to their sex life can enjoy the benefits and challenges of having sex outside.

But what are the outdoor sex rules? How can you flaunt your exhibitionist side and hot sex life without breaking the law, making other people uncomfortable, or getting dirt in places dirt should never be?

Sensual couple on beach with blue sky

How to Have Outdoor Sex: 6 Pleasure Enhancing Tips

1. Get to know the law

Though different states have different specific measures, having sex in public is illegal throughout the US. So stripping off and getting it on in a place with people around, like a public park, pool, or beach, isn’t a good idea.

Having sex in public without hiding will likely get you in trouble and make any neighbouring people feel uncomfortable. But fear not, there are ways to have sex outside safely and respectfully.

2. Pick the right spot

Low-risk places like your own backyard or balcony (or hotel balcony), or a quiet barn or haystack in the middle of nowhere can give you the thrill of the outdoors without the high-risk danger of being caught.

Your best bet is a natural spot with no people around. Try driving into the country and doing it against your car bonnet (very hot).

Take a walk in the countryside and find a spot in the woods. Trees allow for great support and coverage! Or find a quiet field or meadow where you can feel romantic, and get lost in the long grass (which can also provide cushion-like support).

If you live near a mountain, taking a hike or a drive to the top and getting intimate up there takes sex outside with a view to a whole new level.

Laughing couple on beach

If you want to do it on the beach, just be sure to find a secluded spot far away from any crowds. The sun, sea, sand, blue sky, and sound of the waves create an amazingly romantic atmosphere. Sand can provide a comfortable base. Plus, on a beach, you’re practically naked anyway!

If you’re down to try outdoor sex underwater, finding a hidden lake or patch of sea, or your own pool if you’re lucky, can be a chance for some difficult logistics but exciting new sensations.

3. Know how to hide

Sure, part of the thrill of having sex in public is knowing you could get caught, but no one wants to be the couple spotted by a teenager with an iPhone on the beach. There’s a difference between adventurous outdoor sex and being a public nuisance.

Once you've found your spot, you still want to make sure you're not going to get spotted by a family or someone out walking their dogs.

Fortunately, all kinds of practical props can hide naughtiness: a beach umbrella, picnic blanket, sarong, a long coat… And keeping as many clothes on as you can is also a good idea.

An even better idea is saving your rendezvous for nighttime. The night sky has great coverage, plus the added bonus of romance under the stars.

Passionate couple kissing in woods

4. Be prepared

Besides prying eyes, outdoor sex comes with its own risks and potential romance-ruiners: dirt, twigs, bugs, pebbles, sand…

Luckily there are things you can put in your bag to make the whole experience more comfortable and carefree, including basics like condoms and lube, but also cushions, a thick blanket or towel, bug sprays, and baby wipes.

5. Keep it simple

Because having sex in public comes with the possibility of being spotted, plus the fact that you’re likely on a bumpy natural surface or strange position instead of a bed, stick to what you know to avoid any further discomfort or accidents.

Standing up against a tree or classic person-on-top on the beach are good options.

6. Stay quiet (if you can)

It may be tempting to get loud when your outdoor sex starts to feel really good, but you’ll have to at least try to reign it in, or you’ll attract unwanted attention.

This might sound restrictive, but forcing yourselves to be quiet can actually add more excitement to the moment by enhancing the naughty sense that you could be caught any moment.

There’s a lot you can do with quiet moaning and soft whispering. And a sexy hand over the mouth can do wonders...

Top view couple playing in sand

Those are our 6 essential tips to ensure your outdoor sex is as sexy and comfortable as possible. Stay safe and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.