7 Ways to Have a More Eco-friendly Sex Life

Eco-friendly condoms, eco-friendly sex toys, and lots, lots more. With environmental sustainability increasingly crucial, more and more people are starting to learn about how they can help the planet while having a fulfilling sex life. Are condoms bio-degradable? Let’s find out more.

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Sex and the planet

Did you know that because latex condoms are made from synthetic latex, as well as additives and chemicals, they cannot be recycled? Or that many lubricants are petroleum-based, which means they contain fossil fuels? Or that most sex toys contain or are made entirely of plastic?

So, are condoms bio-degradable? For the most part, no. And these facts unfortunately mean that our sex lives can leave a negative environmental footprint. Fortunately, there are a range of easy ways to make your sex life more eco-friendly, without compromising your pleasure.

7 fun and easy ways to have eco-friendly sex

1. Use a natural or homemade lube

As we said, common petroleum-based lubricants contain fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide into the environment and impact the planet.

Luckily, there are different kinds of water-based, sustainable, natural or even homemade lubes you can buy, make or grab from the cupboard. Are you a coconut fan? Coconut oil works well as a lube and comes in a recyclable jar.

2. Avoid shower sex - or keep it brief

Yes, it’s fun to get all soapy with your lover, but all that water usage is bad for the planet - and your energy bill.

It’s best to avoid shower sex, or keep it short! Which, given that shower sex can be challenging, is useful advice anyway…

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4. Buy vegan or organic condoms

While the answer to the question Are condoms bio-degradable may be No, many companies now offer ‘green condoms’ or eco-friendly condoms made from fair-trade natural latex, arrive in paper packaging, are manufactured ethically, and free from additives and chemicals, meaning they can be recycled.

And by recycled we mean recycled, not reused. Condoms should never be reused!

4. Opt for plastic-free toys

The sex toy market is full of toys made from materials like stainless steel and glass, which are far more environmentally friendly than plastic ones.

Rechargeable toys are also a better option as they reduce material waste. But if you’re looking for a completely eco-friendly option, go for a homemade sex toy!

5. Go for quality, not quantity

This saying is useful across the board, especially when buying eco-friendly sex toys, accessories, and lingerie.

Long-lasting and sustainable materials mean you won't have to buy new ones every time they break. It’s better for your bank and the environment.

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6. Try contraception with less waste

Contraceptives like condoms and the daily contraceptive pill produce a lot of wasteful material and packaging. If you’re looking to have a completely eco-friendly sex life, options like the IUD and the implant have far less waste.

If you’re interested in making a switch, consult your doctor.

7. Buy local

If you can, avoid buying your sex toys and other accruments from the marketplace giants. Local stores tend to have a more vested interest in sustainability and ethical produce.

Plus, there’s less packaging when an item doesn’t need to be shipped, which shouldn't be underrated.

Find an environmentally aware online site if nothing catches your eye in your local area. Some companies have systems in place where they recycle old or broken toys, donate money to environmental causes, or ethically make/source their products. Keep an eye out.

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Eco-friendly condoms? Yes, they’re the next big thing. What’s sexier than caring about the environment (and satisfying sex)? Nothing.