9 Benefits of Morning Sex - Start the Day Right

There’s something special about morning sex. It’s slow, gentle, almost dreamlike. It leaves you with a glow that’s better than a facial.

It’s sexy, cozy, intimate. And it does a better job at waking you up than your usual mug of coffee. Besides how good it feels, there are loads of benefits of morning sex that prove sunrise is the perfect time to get carnal.

Is morning sex good for you? Hell yes. Here are 12 reasons we love morning sex and why you should make it part of your weekly routine.

Happy couple snuggling under bedcover

9 Benefits of Morning Sex and Why We Can’t Get Enough Of It

1. It boosts mood and productivity

Sex releases feel-good hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These hormones are also why morning sex has so many health benefits.

They’re part of the reason sex feels so good, but they do more than that. They boost your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and aid productivity - for the whole day!

A major benefit of morning sex? You’ll go into work with a smile on your face and concentrate better on your tasks - even on a Monday.

Smiling woman in bed in the morning

2. It’s more intimate

We’re all vulnerable when we first wake up. No make-up, no put-together outfit, messy hair, and morning breath. This makes morning sex incredibly intimate and increases emotional closeness between partners and lovers. Is morning sex good for you? It’s good for you and your relationship.

3. We’re more aroused in the morning

You’ve heard of morning wood, but how much do you know about it? Regardless of our sex, we all have spiked testosterone and estrogen levels in the morning. These make us more aroused and more sensitive.

Couple smiling and stretching in bed

What does this mean? One of the benefits of morning sex is intense orgasms and harder erections that last longer.

4. It doesn’t mess with your sleep schedule

Having loads of sex is great, but it often means you don’t get to sleep until the early hours and you’re tired all day. Morning sex leaves you physically and mentally energized, but it also means you can get a good night’s sleep.

5. You’ll have an afterglow all day long

Not only does sex leave you with a smile on your face, but the extra blood circulation and rush of hormones also leave your face flushed, rosy, and with an extra glowy sheen.

Back of woman on bed in panties

6. You’ll avoid the tiredness of end-of-the-day sex

Sure, most of us have sex after dark. But do we want to be doing it then? Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a day of work and a big meal is get sexy. One of the benefits of morning sex is that you’ve just woken up, so you’re full of energy.

7. You can combine it with your morning shower

Morning sex combined with shower sex? Heaven. Hop in the shower together first thing for the most pleasurable and productive start to the day. And save water.

Hands on steamy shower door

8. You can see each other clearly

Sure, darker lighting is supposed to be “flattering”. But wouldn’t we rather see our S/O in the light of day? A benefit of morning sex is that you can really see each other. In other words, you can appreciate each other’s bodies, gaze into each other’s eyes, and feel closer than ever.

9. It’s just a different kind of sex

There’s something romantic about waking up in each other’s arms and gently touching each other until it slowly gets hot. You’re both sleepy and dazed and everything feels softer.

Early morning sex also feels different from the type of sex you have after a date - AKA, after a full night of flirting, build up, and picturing each other naked. It’s more natural, spontaneous, and effortless.

Couple's feet coming out of duvet

Have you heard enough benefits of morning sex to be convinced? Go ahead and set your alarm 20 minutes earlier. You won’t regret it.