It’s Not Weird to Like Dirty Panties - Here’s Why

It will come as no surprise, but we’ve known for years that dirty panties deserve better than being tossed into a laundry basket.

Having a thing for used or dirty panties - wanting to see, hold, or smell them - is common, natural, and has a long history. However, it’s not widely discussed, and most people with a dirty panty kink still explore it in secret. Why?

Close up woman pulling black fishnet panties on stomach

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s in big industry’s interests to tell women their vaginas aren’t supposed to smell, and the scents naturally emitted by vaginas are bad or gross and shouldn’t be celebrated or enjoyed.

Despite work by body and sex-positive movements, these ideas prevail and have given rise to shame about having wet, ‘smelly,’ or ‘dirty’ panties and a rise in feminine hygiene products that do more harm than good.

Your vagina is a unique body part with a scent with powers and properties that are downright magical. So, why are people drawn to dirty panties? Let’s explore the reasons.

These are the reasons why dirty panties turn you on

Pheromones (of course!)

Our bodily secretions, from sweat to vaginal fluid, contain pheromones that convey information such as genetic makeup and influence the behavior of those who come into contact with them.

There haven’t been enough scientific studies to conclusively describe the ways pheromones influence human sexual and romantic behavior, but anecdotal evidence suggests time and again that pheromone-full scents incite primal, animal urges and enhance attraction in ways we can’t fully comprehend.

Panties being pulled off female backside sexy

If you’re wondering why the smell of someone’s dirty panties makes you… stir, there’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, it’s totally natural. You’re physiologically programmed to respond to the scent inside!

Specifically…. copulins

Yes, pheromones are powerful, but there’s one type of pheromone that makes dirty panties even more irresistible: copulins.

Copulins are chemicals secreted by the vagina that increase in concentration during ovulation. They are potent and part of the reason why women might find themselves unwittingly more attractive at this time of the month.

Various studies have shown that copulins have a strong, almost mind-control effect on men’s brains. They cause testosterone levels to increase, and both the ability to discriminate between attractiveness in females and make their own decisions to decrease. Sounds powerful, right?

The scent of worn and dirty panties holds this dynamic chemical, so it’s no wonder people are willing to spend good money on a well-worn pair.

Intimacy and connection

Dirty panties hold the scent of your most intimate body parts and sexual organs. This specific smell will typically only be experienced by people we choose to share intimacy with: lovers and partners.

Abstract sexual anatomy arrangement with fruit

The private nature of this scent imbues it with connection and intimacy. Consequently, worn panties that hold this scent become tokens of connection; appealing objects of desire for anyone curious to experience this secret part of you.

Owning, holding, and smelling someone’s dirty panties gives you a particular kind of insight into their body and sexuality that can be intoxicating, like the way holding a top worn by your favorite rockstar would be.

The taboo

When society tells us something is bad, it automatically becomes charged with excitement and intrigue.

Society tells us bodily scents, particularly vaginal smells, are bad, which makes proximity to them enticingly taboo. We’re not supposed to smell or be attracted to dirty panties.

They are supposed to be made dirty through wear and then thrown straight to the laundry basket. And if anyone comes across them? We’re supposed to be embarrassed.

So why are dirty panties such a sought-after item? Because their taboo heightens the primal, almost animalistic response that many folks have to worn panties. When we know we’re not supposed to do something, this knowledge alone can make the act powerfully sexy.

Cheerful woman making peace signs from white bed

So, what have we learned? When it comes to dirty panties, we’re still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. In the meantime, don’t be ashamed of the smell of your vulva vagina or your panties. It’s natural, healthy, and hot!

And remember, you can explore your own dirty panty curiosity in the Pantydeal community, or sign up and start selling your dirty panties to enthusiasts around the world today.