Ready to Try Shower Sex? Here’s How to Get it Right

Shower sex is full of steamy potential. When done right, it’s a sensual experience you won’t forget in a hurry. But when it’s not done right? Soap, slippery surfaces, and a small space can equal disaster.

When you’re lathering each other up, enjoying heat, scents, and silky wet skin on skin, the best shower sex really can feel like the movies.

It’s an exciting way to encounter each other’s bodies, explore sensation and temperature play, enjoy a hot new sex setting, and romantically connect.

How to have shower sex without injuring yourself? All it takes is a little preparation. These 6 shower sex tips & tricks will turn the tub into your new favorite place to get it on.

Side view nude woman behind steamy shower glass

Feeling dirty? Hop in.

How to Have Shower Sex that Leaves Everybody Safe & Satisfied

1. Make wise use of soap

Soap is great for the lathering-up part but not so great for the sex part.

Use soap to clean your lover’s body romantically, tease them with touch, and have you both smelling great. But don’t put soap anywhere it shouldn’t be - if you get our drift.

Soap can cause irritation if it enters the vagina or anus, especially if it’s not a natural kind. Your vulva-care fact of the day? The vagina is self-cleaning, so you should never try to clean inside with soap or any other product.

2. Make liberal use of shower-friendly lube

Despite the presence of water, shower sex will make you the opposite of wet.

Water may be wet, but it actually increases friction during vaginal or anal penetration, so using lubricant is crucial, especially if natural lubrication is something you sometimes struggle with.

Water and oil-based lubes get washed away by water, so ensure you have a waterproof silicone-based lube on hand to avoid painful sex.

Couple giving scalp massage in shower

3. Get a non-slip shower mat

How to have shower sex? Rule number one: Get a non-slip shower mat.

It will be your shower sex safety blanket. Plus, not worrying about having a slip and fall while getting it on lets you focus on the pleasurable sensations at hand.

You should also be careful when getting out of the tub and grabbing something to hold on to when things heat up. The combination of heat and sex dizziness with wet surfaces can have unpleasant consequences.

You can also buy add-ons like extra-sturdy handles or a footrest to make your shower more safe and sex-friendly.

4. Clean and set the scene

Grimy tiles and a drain clogged by stray hairs are a turn-off, while a clean and welcoming setting helps you relax into the mood. So get a sponge in there before you invite a lover over.

Decluttering those empty shampoo bottles helps, too, as do candles, soft music, and preparing clean, warm towels.

5. Stick to sturdy shower sex positions

How to have shower sex? Unless you’re a pro, don’t get adventurous when it comes to shower sex positions.

You should have all limbs in a steady and comfortable (as possible) position and be supported by something that won’t slip.

Woman relaxing in bath with bubbles and candles

Standing doggy is a classic shower sex position for a reason. One of you can be held steady by the shower wall while the other holds their hips.

You can also stand facing each other with one leg wrapped or leaned up safely on the tub's edge. This is a great position to give/receive oral sex, too.

If one of you doesn’t mind lying back on the tub, you can also enjoy vaginal or anal penetration by riding your partner in a classic person-on-top or reverse shower sex position.

6. Don’t rush to orgasm or penetration

In fact, there’s no need to have penetrative sex or aim to climax at all.

The atmosphere of the shower and the proximity of your naked, wet bodies make shower sex the perfect place to play.´

Kiss, caress, and massage your lover. Explore every corner of their erogenous zones while you wash them. Tease each other all over with the shower head.

Jumping in the shower together is already new and exciting. You don’t need to have penetration or an orgasm to have great sex anywhere, including the shower.

And if you’re wondering how to have eco-friendly shower sex? Shower together, but try not to make it too long.

Couple smiling and kissing in the shower

Things may not go according to plan the first time.

And that’s okay.

What’s the best shower sex tip we can give? Don’t be afraid to laugh or pause if someone slips, wobbles, or gets a face full of water.

How to have shower sex? Embrace the fact that trying new things is all part of the fun. Start by enjoying each other’s warm, wet presence and see where the steam takes you.