Anal Masturbation is Hot. Here’s How To Do It Right

If you’re new to the world of ass play, it can be intimidating. But there’s no need to be shy (or grossed out). Our essential anal masturbation tips will take you from an unsteady start to an oh-so-sweet finish.

Whether or not you have an anal prostate, anal masturbation is an empowering and deliciously satisfying way to explore your body.

Practising anal masturbation during solo sessions not only adds hot new sensations but will also make you more at ease when enjoying or preparing for partnered anal sex. Plus, you’ll learn what you like and what to ask for. It’s a win-win!

The aim of anal masturbation is to stimulate the pleasurable nerve endings around your rectum, anus, and prostate if you have one.

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How to anally masturbate? As usual, when trying something new, start slow and direct your thoughts towards each new sensation and your bodily responses.

The anus can be an uncomfortable arena for some. If this is you, our top anal masturbation tip is to prioritise relaxing your mind and body before going down (or back) there. 

How to Anally Masturbate: Everything You Need to Know

Prepare your mind and body

Prepare for anal masturbation by getting your body ready with a warm relaxing shower. Clean the area around your anus with water and mild soap, and try to have a bowel movement at least one hour before anal masturbation.

Once you’re clean and ready, don’t rush to the area. How to anally masturbate? Your body has to be relaxed and ready to accept this new sensation. Deep breathing, no distractions, and getting your body in a state of arousal are great ways to prepare.

It’s helpful to begin with your usual masturbation routine before incorporating the ass. Your body won’t be tense, and each new sensation will be blissfully heightened.

A top anal masturbation tip? Trim your nails and, of course, have lube at hand. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t naturally self-lubricate, so lubricant should be incorporated into each step of anal masturbation.

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Find a comfortable position

Here’s a simple but effective anal masturbation tip: find a position that feels sexy, and natural, and where you won’t have to reach or strain.

This can be lying on your back with a pillow beneath your hips or lower back, in an all-fours position, facedown on your bed, or upright straddling an anal masturbation toy of your choice.

Start with external stimulation

How to anally masturbate if you’re a beginner? Generously apply lube to your fingers and warm up the area by softly massing your ass cheeks, slowly moving towards the centre.

Find your anus and, with a very lubed finger, stroke and massage the rim. Discover the rhythms and pressures that feel good.

Slowly head inside

When you’re feeling that hot desire to go inside, do it. Gently slide one finger into your anus, shallowly at first, hold it there, and focus on the sensations that come up.

Your anal sphincter muscles might be tense, especially if this is your first time exploring anal penetration, so give them a moment to soften.

If you want to continue, you can start rotating your finger, slowly slide in and out of your anus’ entrance, or press your finger deeper. Don’t go too fast or too hard, as this could cause pain.

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Penis owners have a walnut-sized prostate gland about two inches inside the rectum. It might feel rubbery. If you have one, you’ll know when you’ve found it because it’s full of nerve endings.

Applying steady, firm pressure to the prostate feels amazing. But take your time, and reapply lube if and when necessary.

Introduce sex toys

An anal masturbation tip for the pros? Once you’ve got yourself located and comfortable, try toys.

Many toys are designed specifically for anal play and masturbation, offering specialized sensations and saving you the trouble of going up there yourself.

Anal masturbation toys can include butt plugs (which come in all kinds of sizes), anal beads, anal vibrators, rimming toys, prostate massagers, and dildos. 

Some are made to provide pleasurable feelings of fullness. Others go straight for the prostate. Play and find the ones that hit your spots.

Simultaneously stimulate other erogenous zones 

Anal orgasms are possible but don’t pressure yourself to have one.

Prostate stimulation strengthens penile orgasms by 30%. Does that sound good? Anal pleasure is taken to its height when enjoyed alongside other sensations, like vaginal, clitoral, and penile masturbation or tantalising contact with other erogenous zones.

A sexy trick? When combining stimulation of different areas, pull out your anal toy as you’re reaching orgasm. One word: wow.

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The anus can seem like a scary new arena, but trust us when we say it’s worth venturing into - at your own pace and in your own time.

Make lube your best friend, get your mind and body in a relaxed and sexy zone and discover a new love for this underrated body part.