Fat Sex: 11 Sexy Ways to Practice Fat Acceptance

Body positivity might be all the rage, but how many of us really know about fat sex and how to practice fat acceptance in a way that benefits us both in and out of the bedroom?

Fatphobia, sizeism, and unrealistic body standards all have a huge effect and can make us want to change the bodies we were born with.

Curvy woman in bed in lingerie

What are fat positivity and fat acceptance?

Fat acceptance is about recognizing that bodies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and worthy.

It’s a movement that fights against anti-fat bias and the discrimination faced by fat people, liberates fat people from the specific oppression they face, and fights to reclaim the word “fat” as something that should be celebrated and accepted.

Why loving your body is essential to good sex

Seeing unrealistic and photoshopped people in media and porn can make anyone who doesn’t have a “perfect” body (AKA, everyone) feel insecure, and can also majorly affect our sex lives. Why?

Because good sex, whether it’s fat sex or not, isn’t about technique or having perfect bodies. We already know that our genitals are all different - did you know that there are so many different types of vulva?

Good sex about connection, confidence, and casting aside personal barriers to immerse yourself in the moment. Feeling and projecting true sexiness comes from loving yourself and your body.

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A study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly found that positive body image is linked to enhanced sexual functioning, across all genders and sexual orientations.

Want to have amazing fat sex? Start by loving your body! Here are 11 sexy ways to practice fat acceptance for an unbelievable sex life.

Fat Sex: 11 Ways to Practice Fat Acceptance In and Out of The Bedroom

1. Give your body some lovin’

Whether that’s massage, a bath, masturbation… doing things that make your body feel pleasure are a great way to feel more positive about your body and practice fat acceptance.

2. Date and have sex with people of all shapes and sizes

All body shapes are sexy and having sex with fat people and people with bodies different from or the same as yours can help you see the sexual power in bodies that don’t look like supermodels - including your own.

3. Communicate openly about your fears

It’s okay, in fact, normal, to have negative thoughts about your body. And it’s not helpful to pretend they don’t exist.

Sharing insecurities and fears with your partner or friends is an amazing way to work through them and realize that everyone has these thoughts, regardless of body size and shape. This will also help those around you practice and benefit from fat acceptance.

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4. Don’t diet

Diets designed to help you lose weight are often damaging to your mind and body. Never tell yourself you can’t eat something or that you have to count calories.

If you want to feel healthier, try to add more nutrient-rich foods to your diet and move your body in a way that feels joyful - like having sex with fat bodies!

5. Practice positive self-talk

And notice when you fall into negative thoughts patterns like “You can’t wear that” or “You can’t eat that”. Gently push those thoughts away and focus instead on things you like about your body.

6. Watch erotic movies with fat people

Or people with your body type. This is sexy (and will make you want to have more sex with fat people) but will also enable you to see just how arousing all body shapes can be.

7. Use pillows for enhanced sensation

Pillows are a great sex tool for all body sizes, but especially for sex with fat people. Practice using pillows under your butt or pelvis in different positions and enjoy how they let you seriously hit the right spots.

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8. Show off your fat body

Don’t be afraid to share your sensual shots. Send your lover that gorgeous lingerie shot, or post that hot summer thirst trap on Instagram! Just because your body isn’t super toned doesn’t mean people don’t want to drool over you (they seriously do).

9. Incorporate your body into your dirty talk

If you’re a fan of dirty talk (we know we are), incorporate your specific body parts and shape into the verbal fun. Think along the lines of “I want you to grab my fat ass and…”.

10. Be naked more

And stop covering your body with your hands or sucking your stomach in. Walk around your house naked or in your underwear and get used to how your natural body looks and feels.

An added benefit is that if you do this around your partner, you’ll be having a lot more fat sex than you used to.

11. Leave the lights on

It’s natural to feel shy about feeling naked and vulnerable during sex, especially with a new partner. However, try to avoid turning the lights off.

Leaving the lights on might feel scary at first, but once you relax into it you’ll start to see how gorgeous you look, and how attractive your partner finds you, during fat sex.

Curvy woman in bed in lingerie

These are our top tips on how to love your body and have unbelievable fat sex. Start loving your body as it is and realize just how many other people love it, too.