8 Types of Sex Furniture Everyone Should Know About

There are many wonderful sex aids on the market these days: vibrators, tingly lubes, nipple clamps (the list goes on). But sex furniture is one sex aid that is often overlooked.&

How can erotic furniture make wild or ‘vanilla’ sex more satisfying? Read on to learn about intimate furniture’s surprising benefits and the best sex furniture you need to know about.

What is sex furniture?

Also known as erotic or intimate furniture, sex furniture is designed to improve sex and play by enhancing pleasure and making exploring fantasy even easier.

How does it work? The best sex furniture is made to enable the body to comfortably get into and hold all kinds of sexual positions, from the wild and new to the familiar.

Erotic furniture can give your break a rest during oral sex, lift your hips during penetrative sex, or keep you pleasantly poised and restrained during a BDSM session.

Erotic furniture is also useful for people with a physical handicap or for whom certain positions are difficult or painful to maintain.

The best sex furniture doesn’t have to be a huge investment. There are plenty of small, discrete, affordable items that can be hidden away or blended in with your normal furniture.

But if you want a floor-to-ceiling sex swing, we won’t stop you

8 Essential Types of Sex Furniture: A Beginner’s Guide

1. Sex swings

This type of erotic furniture enables one partner to be suspended in the air and the other partner free to play with them. Sex swings are an intensely sexy way to explore new sensations, as well as dominance and submission.

There’s a whole array of sexy swings to choose from, some built into the ceiling, and others, like portable sex slings, that can be assembled to a door and taken down.

2. Sex pillows and wedges

Sex pillows are a simple but very effective type of erotic furniture.&

A well-placed normal pillow can do wonders for comfort and hitting all your hot spots during sex. But sex pillows are designed with and for specific angles, and made from materials that are sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean (or come with removable covers).

Want to go more advanced? Buy a sex pillow with a sex toy holder built in.

3. Queening stool

What’s one of the best sex furniture pieces on the market? Yes, a queening stool is as good as it sounds.

This is a chair/stool designed to enable one partner to sit while the other partner lays below with their head comfortably supported.

As it says on the tin, these stools make sexual acts like cunnilingus and rimming easier and more pleasurable.

4. Sex blankets

A sex blanket is a blanket you lay down during sexual play to keep your personal furniture, sheets, and surfaces clean.

They are designed to be waterproof, comfortable, and easy to clean. Some are even made from specially chosen sensually textured materials.

Sex blankets are especially useful if you’re using lubes or oils, or if you or your partner produce a lot of (ahem) liquid.

Looking for the best sex furniture at a low cost? A sex blanket is a good first step.

5. Sex ramps

Sex ramps are very popular and one of the most versatile, best sex furniture choices for newbies. Erotic ramps are like sex pillows but longer and larger.

They are designed to support the whole body and keep it comfortably in place at an angle you choose that could otherwise be hard to maintain.

6. Sex chairs, couches, and chaises

Sex chairs, couches, and chaises are larger pieces of erotic furniture designed with the whole body in mind.

Generally, they are shaped to provide multiple seating and position options. Some are specifically designed to aid pelvis comfort and strength.

They often have smooth curves that mimic the body and are made from easily washable materials. Many are stylish and sexually practical - able to fit into your living room, no questions asked.

If you want a step up, try a sex chair, couch or chaise with BDSM straps or built-in pillows.

7. Bondage platforms, tables, and ramps

There are, happily, many pieces of erotic furniture made with BDSM play in mind. Popular types of these include platforms, tables, and ramps.

These are predominantly designed to position the submissive partner in a way that enhances play, whether spanking, bondage, or penetration.

BDSM sex furniture often comes with restraints, headrests, and padding so the sub can stay in place and enjoy their treatment - or punishment.

8. Sex machines

Sex machines are exactly as they sound - machines made to simulate sex. They mostly emulate penetrative, penis-in-vagina sex, but you can find sex machines on the market.

Sex machines commonly have a retractable that thrusts in and out while you stay in position or are built for you to mount and ride them.

If you’re looking to invest in your sex life, a well-made sex machine is one of the best sex furniture pieces out there.

That was your introduction to the world of erotic furniture. And there’s so much more to discover! Your brand new sex room awaits you.