Traveling With Sex Toys: 8 Rules for Getting Your Toys Through Security

Getting sex toys through security can be a frightening prospect. Can you bring a vibrator on a plane? What if they pull out my dildo in front of a crowd? Or, god forbid, my parents? What if my vibe goes off inside my bag? What if they confiscate my new strap-on? What if they call the bomb squad?!

Going away on holiday shouldn’t have to mean the pleasure stops. In fact, it’s often the opposite.

But if you’re someone who enjoys the comfort of a dildo, vibrator, anal plug, or flogger every now and then, and you haven’t got checked luggage because of cost, a short trip, or wanting to travel light? You’re at the mercy of hand luggage.

And you’re probably wondering how to get your toy collection through airport security without embarrassment or having to say goodbye.

Can you bring your vibrator on a plane? Here are 8 golden rules for getting your adult toys through security safe and sound, and with as few giggles as possible. 

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Can You Bring Sex Toys on a Plane? 8 Tips For Safe Toy Travel

1. Check your destination

While many countries don’t care if you bring your whole dildo collection into the country with you, other places, especially less sex-positive ones, have stricter policies that forbid adult toys.

Can you bring a vibrator on a plane? Sadly, not always. Research your destination before you travel to avoid your newest $200 toy being binned before your eyes. 

2. Remove the batteries

Some vibes have a mind of their own. To avoid any impromptu buzzing while you’re going through security or sitting on the flight, take the batteries out.

This is also a useful tip from our sex tox care guide. Removing your vibrator’s batteries when you’re not using them saves the battery and gives the toy a longer-lasting life.

3. Put them in a plastic bag

Even if you take every precaution, there’s every chance your bag will get searched going through security. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone.

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In case this happens, put your toys in a small see-through plastic bag. This way, staff can see what’s inside without having to touch the toys directly, leaving everyone feeling hygienically better.

4. Don’t forget that lube is a liquid

So it needs to go in your liquids bag and be travel size. Can you bring lube on a plane? Keep your lube below the liquid limit by buying a smaller or travel-size version, or decanting it into travel-size containers.

5. Be wary of bondage

If you want to travel with your BDSM gear, be careful. Toys like whips, floggers, metal handcuffs, and paddles can be seen as dangerous objects and not advised for hand luggage.

Op for less heavy-duty items like bondage tape, eye masks, feather ticklers, or other DIY BDSM toys.

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6. Bring smaller, discrete alternatives 

To save space and potentially losing your toys, think about replacing your large or heavy toys with smaller, more discrete versions or specifically made travel items.

Can you bring a vibrator on a plane? Toys that are already compact are naturally better for travel, like bullet vibes, cock rings, and anal plugs. There are even vibrators that are designed to look like ordinary objects, like necklaces and USB sticks.

7. Put them in their original packaging

If you happen to still have it, put your sex toys in the bag or box they came with. If you don’t have this, consider labeling the thing they’re stored in.

When it’s clear from the box what’s inside, staff might not even have to open it or pull out the item itself. Either way, making it clear that it’s a sex toy and not a weapon inside the pouch makes the search process go a lot faster.

8. Relax! They’ve seen it all before!

Still worried about if you can bring sex toys on a plane? If you’re traveling with adult toys and feeling nervous, relax. Many people go through airports with toys every day. And the staff really have seen it all before.

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If you get checked, keep your head held high. Adult toys are nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, the opposite! And if any staff member does shame you? Report them.

Whether you’re off to the beach or to your parent’s place for the holidays, you deserve a satisfying and stress-free trip.