Can Breeding Kinks Get Out of Hand?

Breeding kinks have recently made headlines because of their association with the many babies of rich and powerful men.

What is a breeding kink? Can breeding fetishes and kinks get out of hand or are these men giving this practice a bad name?

In this article, we discuss what this kink is about, how people explore it, and the crucial difference between fantasy and reality.

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What is a breeding kink?

A breeding kink refers to being aroused by or getting sexual pleasure from the idea of falling pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.

What is a breeding kink? It’s not the same as wanting to make a baby. This kink is about having sex with the thrill of imagined procreation and risk through the experience of giving/receiving ejaculation during unprotected sex.

Breeding fantasy sex stays safely in the realm of role-play by being enjoyed using non-visible forms of contraception and after full STI checks.

While this kink is common in the hetero world, anyone of any gender or sexual orientation can explore it using toys and other role-playing tools.

While the terms breeding kink and breeding fetish are often interchanged, the latter takes it further.

Someone with a breeding fetish will likely need this specific stimulation or scenario to enjoy sex, while someone with a breeding kink can be someone who gets excited from the thought of risking pregnancy with unprotected sex.

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What makes the breeding kink hot?


Fear and pleasure are associated in the brain, so it’s unsurprising that many of us are turned on by people or situations we find a little… scary.

The danger built into BDSM breeding fantasy sex is that you don’t want to get pregnant. This gives the idea of getting pregnant an intensely dangerous erotic charge.

Not only are you role-playing a scenario with serious consequences, but the idea that you’re both doing something wrong but want each other so much you do it anyway is very hot.

Connection and intimacy

BDSM breeding kinks are about more than danger. They’re also about romance.

Traditionally, falling pregnant with someone’s baby carries the idea of a close partnership and ideas of a shared future, being tethered together, creating a new life with trust and love, and the romantic feeling that one person has chosen you to do these things with.

Role-playing this scenario can incite feelings of emotional intimacy.

BDSM and power

Breeding fantasy sex is enjoyed by many in the BDSM community because, for many people, it has power dynamics built in.

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Why? There is a traditional and outdated idea that getting someone pregnant or being made pregnant by someone means submitting to them and being marked by them with a sense of possessiveness.

In a dom/sub sexual dynamic, a BDSM breeding kink is enjoyed when the dom ‘overpowers’ the sub by, with consent and as part of role play, ‘making’ them have unprotected sex and risk pregnancy.

Primal play

What is a breeding kink about? If you like primal play, you’re probably turned on by breeding fantasies.

There’s someone inherently animalistic and primal about the idea of unprotected sex.

People can be turned on by the notion that this is how the uterus is supposed to be used and by giving in to their inner animal urge to procreate.

How are breeding kinks enjoyed?

As we said, breeding kinks are not about getting pregnant, but the fantasy of it.

A standard or BDSM breeding fetish or kink can be enjoyed during partnered sex with a penis or dildo releasing real or artificial ejaculate into the other partner’s vagina or anus (yes, fake ejaculate exists) with both partners agreeing to act like this could lead to pregnancy.

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This kink is also enjoyed during masturbation and solo fantasy. Lots of porn centers around ejaculation. It's also possible to purchase an ovipositor, a toy that resembles a dildo and releases a gelatin egg into the vagina or anus.

Safety: Fantasy vs Reality

Yes, some people do exercise their breeding kinks outside the fantasy realm. These people tend to be men because they don’t have to be pregnant for 9 months and tend to take less responsibility for childraising.

Having real unprotected sex for the thrill of it has consequences, including unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

But this kink is about imagined, not actual risk, meaning it can be and is often enjoyed safely.

This means using invisible contraception like the pill, an IUD, or a hormone patch and getting full STI tests before exchanging bodily fluids. And always have a plan in case things do go wrong.

This kink should only be practiced with fully informed and enthusiastic consent, and all aspects of the scenario agreed upon beforehand. Don’t explore this kink with anyone you don’t trust.

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What is a breeding kink, and is it about babies?

Breeding fantasy sex is not about making babies, but breeding kink sex still has the potential to go too far. That’s why putting safety first is a crucial way to avoid life-altering consequences and ensure the session is sexy and fun, the way it’s supposed to be.