I don't think I ever want to stop. I love doing it

Hello, my name is Anna, and I'm very kind and intelligent though I can also be very stubborn.

PD: How long have you been selling panties?

I've been selling panties since April 30th, 2019. I actually started selling the day I turned 18. April 30th is my birthday.

PD: Do you use the sale of panties for your sexual life?

In a way, I do use it for my sexual life. Panties are my favorite because the idea that someone will have something that was close and right up against one of the most intimate parts of my body is extremely sensual.


PD: Are you in a relationship? If so: Do you share this practice with your partner?

I am not currently in a relationship and never have been. I'm in college, so I don't really have the time for a significant other or sex in general.

PD: How did you discover that selling panties was something that exists? And about Pantydeal?

Well, I found out about panty selling from OITNB, specifically season 3, where Piper starts selling her panties. I then decided to look through the best websites for it, which is how I found this place and all of the amazing people here.

PD: What was the first thing you thought about it?

I didn't really think anything of it actually. I've always been slightly indifferent to it. I thought that it made sense, actually. The internet offers everything else. Why not used panties?

PD: Do you speak about your panty selling business to your family or friends?

I do. My mother actually sells with me and my friends will sometimes shoot scenes for me. They are kinda like my cameramen, I guess you could say.


PD: If so: What do they think?

My friends were very surprised and thought I was kidding until I showed them my page. Then they thought it was cool.

PD: What is the funniest thing that happened to you when speaking with a customer?

The most interesting thing that ever happened to me with a customer was when I forgot that I had already scheduled their order and had them pick another pair before I realized. Everything was fine in the end, and I got them the pair that they had already picked out. The guy was really nice about it too. He understood that I was extremely busy. I've now taken to putting them down on my calendar.

PD: Many sellers say that many times they end up acting as friends or listeners for the buyers, as many of them find a real connection with the seller. What is your experience with it?

I would agree with that. A lot of guys don't just want someone to sext with or jerk off to. They want a meaningful conversation and somebody to listen and not judge them, which is perfectly understandable.


PD: How long do you think you will keep selling your panties?

I don't think I ever want to stop. I love doing it. It's really boosted my self-esteem, and I'm even sleeping better.

PD: There is any reason that you would consider to stop selling your panties for?

The only reason I would stop selling my panties is if it became illegal.